I'm a freelance Designer, focussing on User Interface Design and Product Management.

A screenshot of the website from the GEKO Dresden

Gesundheitskollektiv Dresden

A nonprofit organsitation, working on establishing a solidary health centre in Dresden. I designed and built a website for them, based on a headless CMS and a static site generator.

Check it out here: www.geko-dresden.de

A screenshot of an online app, showing a 3d rendering of a cad model and the possibility to order it

igus® - Online tools & design system

For igus I created a design system for online tools and several product configurators based on that design system.

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A screenshot of an online marketplac, showing the possibility to add robotics components to a shopping cart

RBTX Low Cost Robotics

rbtx.com is a platform for low cost robotics. I helped the customer create the initial concept, design and business model for the platform during a one week design sprint. A core aspect of the platform is the intelligent shopping basket which lets users choose compatible parts from different manufacturers, something never seen before in the robitics industry.

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A map of a forest area with some mountain biking trails highlighted in red

Trail map of Dresdner Heide

A private project to map some of the most widely known mountain biking trails in my local area. Created with Maperitive & Sketch, using publicly available data from OpenStreetMap (base map), NASA (hillshading) and Strava (trail profiles).

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A minimalistic business card with a drawing of a trumpet

Felix Ziebarth

A young professional trumpet player and friend of mine. Check out his music

A screenshot of a colorful whiteboard like web application that also includes a kanban flow


Taggle.so is a new kind of project management tool for creative teams. Check it out

About me

I’m a 34 y/o designer and product manager, originally from Cologne, Germany. I studied business informationt technology (2009 - 2012) and worked for some time as a Product Manager for pirobase imperia GmbH (2011 - 2015). After that I started working self-employed on various projects.

I’m lucky to have worked with amazing people who have taught me a lot. I mostly do user interface design and product management these days.

Besides that I’m trying to learn to play some jazz.

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